Tips For Finding The Right Block Of Flats Insurance Policy

If you are a new block of flats owner or simply looking to refresh your flats insurance policy, then there will be plenty of factors to think about to protect yourself and your tenants. Whether it’s vandalism or financial loss, we can help you with a bespoke policy that will cover all areas that are important to you. Before you get started, have a read of our tips for finding a block of flats insurance policy and how to make the most of your cover.

Cover All Areas

Every block of flats is different, and every insurance policy should be different too. When looking for a block of flats insurance policy, you need to consider every aspect of your property. For example, if your block of flats has a lift then you will need engineering breakdown cover. Likewise, if your property is in an area that has higher crime rates, then it is important that your block insurance covers you for break-ins and vandalism. You may also need to consider getting cover for malicious damage caused by tenants or their visitors.

However, it’s not just the block of flats building insurance that you need to take into account. If you are a Right to Manage company, then you may need directors’ and officers’ liability insurance. This is in case any tenants disagree with decisions you have made and want to make a claim.

Seek Professional Advice

With many aspects to take into consideration, it can be easy to miss out on certain areas of your flats insurance. In particular, if you are trying to do it alone. The best advice is to seek professional advice, or even better, speak to a specialist building insurance broker. At Flats Direct, we have many years of experience with finding bespoke and comprehensive block of flats building insurance, as well as claims management services. By talking through your property and discussing your potential needs with an expert, you are more likely to be fully covered if something goes wrong later down the line. By finding a block insurance policy yourself, you may not get the benefit of cover enhancements or premium discounts that are available to insurance brokers.  

Risk Management

Finally, it’s important to stay on top of your property risk management! Not only will this save you money on repairs in the future, but it can also help with getting a lower insurance premium. If you prove you are keeping your property safe and you are conscious of managing your risk, insurers generally take a positive view on you as a client and the terms they can offer you. Property risk management can start with maintaining any electricals in your building to installing bespoke CCTV and security systems. If you need advice with this, our team of advisors are happy to help. We offer risk management resources free of charge to all of our clients too!

To get a quote or for advice on block of flats building insurance, please get in touch or submit an online quote form. We offer flats insurance from a wide range of insurers with no hidden fees or administrative charges. To discuss your block insurance cover, call us on 0800 731 6242 or email us at