Directors and Officers Liability Cover

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance For Flats

Directors and Officers liability insurance is a policy for Directors and Officers of Management Companies or Residents Associations of blocks of flats. This applies to those that are usually unpaid volunteers who carry out management roles or make decisions that relate to the running of the property. These duties may include anything from:

  • Making decisions on maintenance issues
  • Deciding what to do about neighbouring planning permissions
  • Choosing who to bank with
  • Dealing with parking and noise disputes
  • Managing how a lease should be interpreted (applicable on some occasions)
  • Dealing with ongoing legal duties incumbent on the director of any company

Why do you need Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Cover?

If a landlord or Right To Manage company make a decision that causes a financial loss, then they may find themselves sued personally by a resident or a third party. Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance provides protection for the legal liability of individuals. This is against claims for financial losses by residents or third parties. These may arise from errors or omissions made by Directors and Officers of the Management Company or Residents Association.

Directors and Officers’ liability insurance is a policy solely for the resident’s representatives. It is there to protect them in the same way as a firm of solicitors would have Professional Indemnity insurance to protect them. Should an incident occur, that may give rise to a claim for financial loss, it is not unusual for legal action to be taken against all parties involved. This includes the Directors and Officers of the residential managing agents or Residents Association, both as a group and individually.

How can Flats Direct help?

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance is inexpensive because claims do not happen very often. However, when they do, they can be very expensive. Just consider the cost of instructing a solicitor to refute even a spurious allegation. Not to mention, current Directors being sued for an error or omission of a previous Director.

As a specialist building insurance broker, we can negotiate Directors’ and Officers’ liability cover. This can be arranged for only £78.40 including insurance premium tax for an indemnity of £50,000. Higher levels of cover are available. If you are a residential manager, please get in touch to find out more.

It can sometimes be hard to understand the risks that Management Companies or Resident's Associations face. To help bring some clarity to insurance for blocks of flats and Director's and Officers’ liability cover, our team has created an easy-to-use calculator. Click the button below and answer the 'yes or no' questions to generate a score for the risk you face.

To get a quote or for advice on Directors and Officers liability insurance, contact us at Flats Direct. We offer block of flats insurance with no hidden fees or charges from a wide range of top insurers. To discuss your insurance for blocks of flats, call us on 0800 731 6242 or email us at

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