Block of Flats Insurance

Flats Direct is experienced in providing buildings block of flats insurance, we understand in detail the distinct requirements of these types of property.

We arrange flats insurance for purpose built and converted properties, owner occupied blocks and rented flats. Learn more to see how our block insurance brokers can help you.

How We Do It

Flats Direct aims to make the block of flat insurance business simple, and as inexpensive as possible.

Traditionally, a block insurance policy may have been arranged through other parties, some of them possibly taking a commission. We only deal with building block insurance direct. We don't pay commission to others.

Protect Yourself

It's not just the building you should insure.

Directors and Officers liability insurance provides protection for the legal liability of individual Directors and Officers against claims for financial losses by residents or third parties arising from errors or omissions made by Directors and Officers of the Management Company or Residents Association.

What Our Clients Say..

"I am writing to thank you for the excellent service we have received from Flats Direct. It was a refreshing change to speak to a more mature individual who obviously knew their stuff. We saved money and are extremely grateful for the advice given regarding sums insured"


Why We Are Different

"Unlike Many others, We Don't Pay Commissions to Managing Agents or Freeholders"


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