4 Reasons Why You Need A Building Insurance Broker In 2021

Setting up insurance for flats is not always the most straightforward of processes. Why? Because nowadays we have a lot more important factors that come into play. Many policies fall under the umbrella of a block of flats insurance cover. Unfortunately, not all policies are exactly the same and so to get the financial aid in the event of a claim, you need the right cover specific to your block of flats. In 2021, the best way to set up your flats insurance correctly is to go to a building insurance broker.

What is a building insurance broker?

A building insurance broker is someone or a company that specialises in finding insurance for blocks of flats. They collect some information from you and aim to point out the types of insurance for flats available to you and whether you need certain elements of cover or not. Insurance brokers will review your existing policies so that you don't end up with any overlaps. More people still choose to use a broker over buying a policy directly online from an insurer. Not only because they can get a better range of flats insurance quotes but you also benefit from reliable advice to ensure that everything is covered. And why leave it to chance? You won't pay any more for using a broker and it's always better to have the safety net than to brave the odds and land in financial difficulty.

Property risk management

Now more than ever, businesses, landlords and right to manage companies are being scrutinised for the way they manage health and safety. Many are not aware that it is a legal requirement to have a 'competent' person in charge of health and safety. This means someone who has had the necessary training and knowledge or experience. Alongside insurance for flats, building insurance brokers typically offer property risk management services. This means they will help mitigate the risks associated with your property and put forward a suitable flats insurance policy.

Staying compliant with regulations

With more challenges and changing regulations, it's important to keep up to date. You could be compliant one day, and not the next. To avoid risking any legal action made against you, choose a building insurance broker who has their finger on the pulse. We make it our business to be the most informed on the latest regulations and guide you with any information you need. Brokers will also notify you if there are any changes that could cause claims to be made against the landlord or right to manage company. This includes claims due to loss, damage or injury.

Dedicated ongoing support

Another reason why you need a building insurance broker in 2021, is the dedicated support you'll receive. The advisors are there to support you during a crisis, and to help avoid one happening altogether. Whether you need help with your block of flats insurance cover or advice on building safety, they are there for you. You'll also get much more support than if you had chosen from an online comparisons site for flats insurance.

Preferential block of flats insurance rates

Unlike a single insurance company that only has their own set of prices, insurance brokers have a whole range of insurers to approach and select the best rates to offer. It's not all about the price though and as building insurance brokers work with a range of insurers, they will be able to find you the best terms and covers available for your block of flats. Due to their close working relationships, it might be that they can also negotiate lower premiums for enhanced cover. So instead of getting insurance for blocks of flats at a standard rate, you are more likely to get a better deal.

At Flats Direct, we are experts at providing insurance for blocks of flats. We aim to make the process as simple and affordable for you as possible. Therefore, we understand the unique requirements of each type of apartment building. Our focus is our clients and we're here to offer qualified property risk management advice and competitive covers. To discuss your current flats insurance policy or to set up a new one, get in touch with us. Contact us today by calling 0800 732 6242 or email info@flats-direct.com.