Getting The Most Out Of Your Block Of Flats Insurance Cover


When protecting a large asset like a block of flats as a landlord, freeholder or leaseholder, you want to know that you’re getting the best deal you can when it comes to cost and cover.

While the hope is that you will never have to claim on your block of flats insurance cover, the unexpected can still occur. And if it does, you need to know that when it comes time to make a claim, you’re policy will step up to the plate and respond as you need it to.

This blog will explore different ways in which you can get the most from your flats insurance, whether that relates to how the property is maintained to how you choose your policy in the first place.

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Choose a Comprehensive Policy

One of the best ways to make the most of your flats insurance policy is to start off on the right foot. Getting a comprehensive policy in place at the very start of your journey will help keep your mind at ease.

With a comprehensive block of flats insurance policy, you can ensure that every inch of your property and liabilities are protected against as many eventualities as possible. From engineering breakdown cover to terrorism insurance, a good specialist insurance broker will be able to help you cover all aspects of your block.

Keep the Property Maintained

If your block of flats is properly and regularly maintained, firstly, you’re less likely to need to make a claim and secondly, you’re less likely to come into complications in the event of a claim on your flats insurance. With end-of-tenancy cleaning and regular cleaning and maintenance of communal areas and grounds, many unfortunate consequences can be avoided.

For example, if you host tenants in your block, the more well-maintained the block is, the less likely tenants are to treat the block poorly and cause undue damage.

Keep the Property Safe

Similarly to the above, the more effort you put into making your block a safe place to live, the less likely you are to need to make a claim later down the line.

This includes everything from making sure communal doors are working and secure to ensuring you’re complying with legal health and safety standards. With the former, you’re less likely to need to claim on your flats insurance for theft. With the latter, you’re covering yourself in the event of a claim from charges from your tenants or visitors for injury or damage.

Electrical inspections are also an important thing to consider in the ongoing maintenance of your property and will often be a mandatory condition on a block of flats insurance policy. When you arrange your apartment block insurance with Flats Direct, we’re on hand even after your policy is set up to provide advice and support to make sure you’re getting the most from your policy.

Use a Specialist Insurance Broker

One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re making the most of your block of flats insurance is to use a specialist insurance broker. Using a broker that knows the market and the nature of protecting property means you’re more likely to get comprehensive cover that protects the things you’re most worried about. They will ensure there are no gaps in your existing policy and that the price is the most competitive for the cover provided.

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