A Guide To Building Insurance For Blocks Of Flats


Building insurance for blocks of flats is important for landlords, resident associations or property managers to consider. Block of flats insurance provide protection against events like:

  • Water leaks
  • Fire
  • Floods
  • Extreme weather
  • Malicious damage or theft

Block building insurance gives you the peace of mind that in such an event, your property will be protected. Find out more about how flats insurance can safeguard your property.

Who should take out building insurance?

If you are a property manager that owns an entire apartment block, you will require block of flat building insurance. A landlord who is managing a block of flats must also make sure they have the right kind of insurance to protect the property and tenants. If you qualify for a ‘Right to Manage’ then you will be responsible for the maintenance of the property along with making sure the building is correctly insured.

Additional block of flat insurance services

While most risks are protected by standard block building insurance, it is important to tailor the cover around your requirements to avoid being liable and minimise your losses if an accident occurs. Some of the additional services that are available include:

  • Loss Recovery – This service is designed to cover landlords for any potential major losses. Loss recovery will provide financial support in the event of a major disaster at a property.
  • Engineering Breakdown – Repairs and maintenance for machinery and other electronics in rented buildings can be very expensive. Having engineering breakdown cover is especially important in the event of a lift failure. This is something that can potentially affect all tenants in the building.
  • Legal Expenses – Property management often includes bringing in contractors to complete repairs or maintenance. This service covers landlords against potential legal disputes if a contractor’s work is not up to standard or if they are injured on site.
  • Director & Officer Entity CoverageDirectors & Officers insurance covers any potential losses from being sued because of decisions made by the landlord, resident association or property manager.

If you are unsure which type of cover you or your business require, get in touch with Flats Direct for a free quote.

What is covered?

It is important to know what is covered when taking out block of flats building insurance for your property. Any permanent outside fixtures such as sheds, garages and greenhouses are covered. All drains, cables and pipes both on the interior and exterior of the building are also covered. Interior fittings such as baths, kitchen units and toilets are all included in flats insurance. It is important to remember that all belongings within the property are the responsibility of the tenant and they must take out contents insurance to protect these items.

To get a quote or for advice on building insurance for blocks of flats, contact us at Flats Direct and speak to a member of our team. We offer block building insurance with no hidden fees or charges from a wide range of top insurers. To discuss your block of flats insurance cover, call us on 0800 731 6242 or email us at info@flatsdirect-uk.com.