4 Ways To Keep Your Block Of Flats Secure

If you are managing a block of flats, it’s essential your building stays secure and safe for all tenants. The last thing you want is multiple complaints or a break-in due to inadequate security measures. Or worse, loss of trust between you and your tenants resulting in a loss of business. What’s more, insurers are likely to charge higher premiums for block of flats buildings insurance if the security doesn't meet certain criteria.

On the other hand, if you are a tenant and your apartment building security does not seem up to scratch, you have the right to request for actions to be taken. As an official paying occupant, you have the right to ensure your apartment block is safe. Below are four ways in which you can keep your flats secure, whether you are a leaseholder or part of the residential property management.

1.       Invest in a New and Capable CCTV System

As an insurance broker who deals with flats insurance queries every day we know how much security can impact buildings insurance for block of flats. More than often, insurance companies will not pay for any damage or loss caused by the tenants or residential property managements’ failure to safeguard the property. As a result, the need for appropriate apartment building security measures is paramount. One of our top recommendations is to invest in a new and capable CCTV system. In the event of a crime, CCTV is often the most reliable way of catching offenders. In areas which are poorly lit, such as parking areas, installing CCTV with night vision capabilities is most suitable. As for the rest of the apartment building security, install CCTV cameras in key areas where crime could be captured. This could include the entrance of the building, hallways, outside tenants’ front doors, and all exits.

2.       Motion Sensor Detectors

Motion sensors are another apartment building security feature which can go hand in hand with a CCTV system if desired. As thieves like to be inconspicuous, the chances are they won’t be trying to make a lot of noise. In these circumstances, having motion sensor detectors in place can be a successful method of steering crime away. Motion sensors can be set to turn on a light if any motion is detected. Paired with CCTV and a clear view of the scene due to the lights coming on, perpetrators will be spotted clearly.

3.       Replace The Front Door

As previously mentioned, if you are part of the residential property management and you have left a dodgy front door unfixed for a while which results in easy access for criminals, the insurance company aren’t likely to pay up. To avoid this from occurring in the first place, replace the front door. This applies for both the front door of leasers and any door entrances to the building. Especially if the door has endured wear and tear from previous tenants or attempted robberies, replacing it will provide extra flat security. As a tenant, you can also put forward the type of door you would like to have the old replaced with. A uPVC door is one of the safest models to choose as it has a built-in locking system.

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4.       Change The Locks

It may seem straight forward, but with different tenants coming and going over the years it can be easy to lose track of who has a key. The same applies for those leasing the property, you never know who may still have access to your flat. It is wise to change the locks every once in a while with new leasers or when moving into a new apartment. If you are managing a block of flats, you can opt for mortice locks which provide added security. These are also a great solution for those who cannot afford a complete CCTV monitoring system.

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