Why Do You Need Engineering Breakdown Insurance For A Block Of Flats?

When managing a block of flats, there are many factors of block management and occupant safety to keep in mind. This can be overwhelming for landlords and freeholders, as it can seem like a never-ending list. However, something we frequently see forgotten is engineering breakdown insurance. This type of cover is often regarded as an extra to cut-and-paste blocks of flats insurance, but it is a vital aspect of your cover that shouldn’t be forgone.

In this blog, we will explain what engineering breakdown insurance is, why it’s important, and how you can go about protecting yourself and your property.

What is Engineering Breakdown Insurance?

Engineering Breakdown Insurance, when referring to blocks of flats and property maintenance, is a type of cover that protects landlords and freeholders in the event that certain equipment in the block breaks down. This can cover things like lifts, electronic gates, and communal boilers.

Why Do I Need Engineering Cover In My Flats Insurance?

Under UK law, it is a legal requirement that any lifts are inspected by a competent person every 6 months. Similarly, if a block of flats is run on communal gas boilers, these legally must be inspected by a registered Gas Safe Engineer every 12 months.

Usually, in your block of flats insurance policy, there will be a part of the policy that stipulates these elements must be inspected regularly. A representative from your insurance provider will often carry out lift inspections if this is a stipulated aspect of your policy. However, we more commonly see this as a standalone policy and often, this is provided by a specialist in the field who can conduct these inspections for you.

Despite having regular inspections, however, equipment like boilers, gates, and lifts can of course still break down unexpectedly. Engineering insurance for flats can cover the cost of repair or replacement of these elements. Not only this, but breakdowns like this could also potentially lead to injury or harm coming to a tenant or occupant in the block, which could lead to a potential liability claim. Cover like this as part of your flat’s insurance protects you in the event this happens and can give landlords and freeholders peace of mind.

Flats Direct

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