Who Is Responsible for Pest Control in your Block of Flats?

Discovering a pest problem within your block of flats can be a real nuisance. Infestations can occur, even if you have good standards of hygiene.

Should you suspect an infestation problem, you first need to identify where the mice or rats are living and feeding, as well as the paths they take between these zones. Remember, rodents can easily squeeze through a hole the size of a pen, so it may be challenging to spot this.

You might also be wondering who is responsible for eradicating the problem. Should issues arise, we offer block of flat building insurance to ensure your building is always protected and provide you with extra reassurance. We’re here to break down everything you need to know about pest control and how to manage a block of flats if an infestation appears.

Are landlords or tenants responsible for pest control?

In most instances, landlords are generally responsible for pest control within a block of flats. Landlords should ensure they are checking for any possible issues or infestations, whilst managing a block of flats.

Should tenants notice a problem in between flat inspections, they should notify their landlord immediately to arrange fumigation by an external company. Landlords should make tenants aware of the external company they are using and find a mutually appropriate time for fumigation to take place. In the case where tenants find a pest problem upon moving in, this is definitely the landlord’s responsibility to fix.

However, in certain cases, tenants do become responsible for pest control. If a landlord can prove that a pest problem has occurred due to improper and unhygienic lifestyle habits, tenants would then become responsible.

It is important that landlords hold a document with a full record of past pest infestations to keep track for the future. If tenants are causing pests due to bad habits as stated above, this should also be documented.

How can you prevent pests and rodents in your block of flats?

If both you and your tenants take all necessary steps to take care of your flat building, you can help to prevent pest problems from happening. Here are a few block property management tips to keep in mind:

  • Ensure bins are emptied regularly, as litter and food waste can encourage pests.
  • Check that there are no hidden leaks in your flat to prevent mould and damp.
  • Keep communal areas clean and tidy.
  • Fix any cracks or crevices that pests could pass through.
  • Ensure you have high quality block of flat building insurance if the worst was to happen.

For more information about blocks of flat insurance and how to deal with pests in your block, contact our friendly team. Call us on 0800 731 6242 or email info@flatsdirect-uk.com.