What you need to know about block of flats fire risk assessments

After the tragic Grenfell Tower case, it is essential that every block of flats needs fire safety risk assessments. But what does this involve and who is responsible? Here block of flats insurance brokers, Flats Direct, answer some of the most common questions about block of flats fire risk assessments.

Why Fire Assessments are necessary

Fire risk assessments are an important part of block management. They ensure the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005 are met. This includes continuous monitoring, notes of remedial actions and any necessary control measures.­

Who should complete the fire assessment?­

There is often confusion over who should take responsibility for completing a fire assessment. This duty should be complete by a ‘responsible person’ who is accountable for managing the communal parts of the block of flats. This may include a Right to Manage company, the freeholder, or managing agents contracted to take responsibility. We recommend the risk assessment is completed by an independent company or individual to reduce any bias.­

What does a fire assessment need to include?

The report must include an audit for legal requirements. It should clearly state if all requirements are being met, and actions to be completed if they are not. To save time, you can combine a fire assessment with a Health & Safety Risk Assessment.­

When should I do a fire assessment?

It is advised that fire assessments are completed ‘regularly’. This may vary depending on previous safety management results. For example, if potential hazards have been identified before, more frequent fire assessments may be necessary.­

What areas need to be covered?

Communal areas of a block of flats, such as stairways or landings, are considered a workplace. Therefore, these areas must conform to the requirements of the Regulatory Reform Order. If you are wondering ‘what is property owners liability?’, contact your block of flats insurance company.­

After the fire assessment is complete

Once your fire assessment is finished, organize a list of actions to ensure all safety requirements are fulfilled, in order of priority.­­

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