Top Questions about Right to Manage

It is normal for flat owners to have plenty of questions when starting the right to manage process. There a few things to consider if you are a tenant wanting to take control of your block management. Here, our block insurance brokers answer the most common questions when becoming an RTM company.­

How does Right to Manage work?


The right to manage is available to qualifying leaseholders in a block of flats. After the service of a formal notice to the landlord, the right to manage is transferred from the landlord to the RTM company. The new right to manage company does not necessarily have to manage itself but can instead delegate this responsibility to a managing agent.­

Can we change block of flat insurance?


Yes, you can! One of the responsibilities of a right to manage company may be managing your block of flats insurance. However, as per the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, your landlord is entitled to organise extra insurance at their ­expense.­

How do I resolve any right to manage disputes?

A First-tier Tribunal (FTT) is an independent body that can help to resolve the right to manage issues, including:

• The date the RTM company acquired the right to manage.
• How much of the landlord’s costs are payable by the RTM company.
• What service charges should be paid over to the RTM company.­

Do we have to continue existing contracts created by the landlord?


Typically, when an RTM company acquires the management responsibilities of a block of flats, this will end any existing contracts arranged by the landlord. It is the decision of the right to manage company if they want to continue the prior contracts.­

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