The Best Locks to Keep your Block of Flats Secure

As a block of flats insurance company, we know how important security is in block management. The last thing a residential property manager wants is a burglary, so we’ve compiled a rundown of some of the best locking systems on the market. Hopefully, the recommendations on this list will give you the security and peace of mind that you deserve.

Deadbolt lock

These secure locks can be opened only by rotating the lock cylinder with the key and not by simply applying force, a method that has been used to break through spring bolt locks. For extra security, a deadbolt lock can be used alongside a spring bolt lock and this is frequently the case with doors that act as entrances to buildings.

Swing lock

Swing locks act as a backup for your primary lock, however, they are ideal for situations where you may want to maintain a level of security while also being able to talk to somebody outside due to swing locks allowing you to open your door a few inches. Having secure locks may aid you in finding the best block buildings insurance

Smart Lock

Newer ‘smart locks’ such as the Lockitron Bolt-lock can unlock when they sense your smartphone. The bonus here is that you can use an app to allow others entry into your flat, greatly decreasing your risk of burglary if you are somebody that leaves keys under the doormat or in a plant pot for your friends and family.

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