Maintaining Air Conditioning Systems in your Block of Flats

Air conditioning regulations for blocks of flats

Up until 2001, air conditioners would mostly use a HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbon) called R22. Although R22 is an effective refrigerant and can absorb a great deal of water, it was discovered to have a negative impact on both the environment and people exposed to the gas over long periods of time.
RSS regulations:

• As of 2001, the UK government has banned the production of new air conditioners which use R22 refrigerant gasses.
• In 2015 it was declared illegal to maintain or service air conditioners with R22 gas.
• Although it is still legal to use HCFCs in your old air conditioner, a service technician cannot break into the circuits to fix your system.

If you are unsure about the safety of the air conditioning unit in your building, contact our block insurance agency brokers to learn how it may impact your block insurance policy.

How to maintain your air condition system

Depending on the details of the lease, ensuring air conditioning system is safe and compliant may be the responsibility of the tenant, landlord or right to manage company.

If you are responsible for air conditioning safety in your block, here are a few tips to keep them well-maintained:

• Keep the filters clean. Clogged air filters will reduce the system’s effectiveness and can be a fire-safety risk. A build-up of dirt can also cause pollutants and contaminants to circulate in the air. Bacteria or mould in an air conditioner can cause and spread of health problems, including Legionnaires disease.

• Prepare for winter. Cover the outdoor box during the colder, rainier months when the air conditioner is not in use. This will prevent rain or debris from damaging or entering the system.
• Book an air-conditioning inspection for your building. A professional air conditioning inspection will help asses if your system is regulation-compliant and provide further advice on keep your air conditioning safe.

Protection for your block of flats

In case of an air conditioning malfunction or health hazard, it is essential to have insurance protection for your building. Our block building insurance brokers can talk you through the process and offer you simple, straightforward advice.

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