Lift Inspection & Insurance- What you need to know

Does your block of flats property have its own lift? If so, it's important to understand the maintenance requirements for your lift and how it may impact your block of flats insurance. Read on for our advice on lift maintenance and insurance from our block building insurance specialists.­


Lift Insurance

You may find your block of flats insurance provider offer an inspection service under an Engineering insurance policy. This helps to ensure that LOLER requirements (Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) are being met. This policy may be extended to also provide cover for damage to the lift after a breakdown.­

The majority of block building insurance policies should cover any damage to property lifts due to the result of an insured peril. This may include fires, accidental damage and malicious damage. But bear in mind this will not normally include damage caused by the breakdown of the lift.

If you are lucky, your lift engineering company may offer a provision in their maintenance contract to cover the cost of repairs should your lift break down. The warranty may include cover for wear and tear, which is not normally covered by insurance policies. Be sure to check with your block management and building insurance broker to find out what lift damage cover your insurance entails.­


Lift Inspection

It is a mandatory legal requirement for lifts to be inspected every 6 months. These lift inspections must be conducted by a competent person and preferably a professional, with a working knowledge of lifts. For a non-biased opinion, consider hiring an independent lift professional to inspect your lift.­

Although you may have a lift maintenance agreement, this may not include statutory inspections. If your lift is regularly inspected, ensure you keep a copy of all records and safety certification for future reference.

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