Keeping Your Block Safe During Storm Season

British weather is known for its unreliability. Whether it’s bringing treacherous rain, glorious sunshine or gale force winds, the British storm season can have a big impact on your residential property. Here are a few tips from block insurance company Flats Direct on keeping your block safe this storm season.

Contact a tree surgeon

If your residential block is near overhanging trees, it’s important you prevent them from falling onto the property by seeking the expertise of a tree surgeon. If ignored, the falling of any loose branches could be costly if your residential property does not have proper block of flats insurance.

Checking your roof

The Resident Management Company is responsible for ensuring the building is safe. Protect against high winds this storm season by getting a professional to check that the roof is in good condition and able to withstand all weathers.

The all-important fascia boards

Storms play havoc with a property’s roofline. As an Officer or Director of the Resident Management Company, ensure your neighbour's homes remain safe and dry by ensuring all fascia boards are fixed securely to their brackets.

Block insurance

The most effective way to protect your residential property is through a block insurance policy. Getting a quote for block buildings insurance gives peace of mind to all residents whilst protecting the building in case of an accident.

Directors and Officers liability insurance

Directors and Officers of Management Companies or Residents Associations of blocks of flats carry out the administrative duties relating to the running of a property. If a decision is made that results in financial loss, they may be sued personally by a resident or third party. Directors and Officers Liability insurance protects you from these types of claims.

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