How to Prevent Freezing Pipes in Your Block of Flats


Winter is here and the temperatures are dropping, which means your block of flats could be at risk of freezing pipes.

Freezing pipes can result in a burst pipe, which can be a costly problem that nobody wants to have to have in the run up to Christmas! Luckily, our block of flats insurance is here to help should you want that extra reassurance if your pipes happen to freeze.

In the meantime, there are plenty of ways you can prevent pipe damage during the coldest time of year. Here are our top winter property maintenance and management tips to prevent tenants suffering with freezing pipes in your block of flats.

Test your stopcock

One of our most vital winter property maintenance tips is to ensure your tenants are familiar with the location of their stopcock and can turn it off if you need to. When a pipe freezes, the stopcock needs to be switched off as soon as possible to stop water supply before pipes are thawed.

Turn the heating on at regular intervals

Instead of putting the heating on high in short bursts, advise your tenants to switch their heating on at regular intervals at a constant temperature. This means that they can avoid harsh temperature changes and maintain a steady, warm temperature at all times. By doing this, pipes are less likely to freeze.

If you happen to be going away this winter, we would advise your tenants to set a timer on their heating or leaving it on low to prevent your block of flats becoming too cold.

Lag the pipes

A great way to protect pipes from freezing is to insulate or ‘lag’ them. This method involves applying a special type of insulation around your pipes to keep them warm. Insulation is especially useful for pipes in unheated areas inside your block of flats, such as a garage or loft. You can also warm up pipes in loft spaces by opening the trap door, allowing heat from the rest of the flat to circulate into it.

Check for a boiler service

Its common for pipes to freeze over because a boiler service has been left too late or forgotten. Our big piece of advice for property managers this winter is to ensure your tenants’ boilers have been serviced. Be assured your tenants’ heating systems are working as they should, decreasing the likelihood of frozen pipes.

For more block and property management tips, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at Flats Direct. We offer comprehensive blocks of flat insurance to provide you with extra liability should you need protection. Give us a call on 0800 731 6262 and speak to a member of our friendly team today for a quote.