How to Prevent Damp in a Block of Flats

No matter the location of your block of flats, the level of block insurance you have, or the price of the block of flats, there is always a risk of damp. There are many causes of damp that you may be unaware of, so learning more about them could help you to prevent issues in the future.

Doors and Windows

In block management, you may find that not every room in each flat will have an extractor system, so you’ll often have to make do with doors and windows. Keep windows and doors open as much as possible - it really is worth doing these small things to prevent damp in the future, not only for your quality of life but as it may help you get a better deal on block of flats insurance.


You may be reluctant to use your flat’s heating when you do not really need it, as this will cut energy costs. However, heating your house regularly will help to prevent and expel damp before it’s too late. This is especially important during the colder months of the year.

Cupboards and furniture

Positioning furniture too close to the wall or overfilling cupboards will increase the chance of damp. Leaving space will allow improved ventilation and breathing, and therefore less moisture which is the main reason for damp.

Pass on this advice to the residents in your block of flats to ensure damp is kept to a minimum. Are you in need of property management advice or block buildings insurance services? Contact Flats Direct today by calling 01202 862660 or 0800 7316242. Alternatively, you can get a block of flats insurance online quote or fill out the contact form on our website.