How To Prevent Burst Water Pipes In Your Block Of Flats

A burst water pipe can be a nightmare. Even the smallest crack can cause considerable damages and costs to repair. As prevention is better than cure, read the advice from our block of flats insurance brokers to learn how to prevent burst water pipes in your home.

Are Your Pipes Freezing?

Does your heating stop working when the weather drops? This may be a sign your pipes are freezing over. If this happens, turn off the water supply at the stopcock and inspect the pipes for signs of damage. Slowly thaw the pipe with a warm hot towel or low-heat hairdryer. If you are unsure, call your plumber immediately. Ensure you have records of your block of flats insurance to hand to report any damage if it occurs.


Regularly Service Your Boiler & Heating

It’s easy to forget servicing when all systems are working ok. But regular servicing and checks can be the best way to identify any potential problems in the future. Take time to find out when your boiler was last serviced. Trade experts believe boilers should be serviced annually. Also, regularly check your thermostat to see if readings look correct.­

Check Empty Properties

Winter is a popular time to go on a Christmas break. If your property is left unoccupied for a number of days, consider turning off and draining your water system, so no residual water is left in the pipes. Speak to your block of flats insurance broker if you are planning to leave your property empty for a long time and be sure your flats is correctly protected.­

Be Careful With Portable & Temporary Heaters

If your heating system does fail you in the winter, portable and temporary heater can be a quick and easy solution to keep you warm until it is fixed. Be sure to keep temporary heaters clear of any obstruction, that may cause an accident. Plus, never leave a temporary heater on unattended for any length of time.­

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