How to Prepare Your Block of Flats for Bad Weather

From hurricanes to orange skies, we have experienced some bizarre weather in the UK in just the past week! These extremities remind us how vulnerable we are to weather changes. Read on to learn the impact weather can have on buildings insurance for block of flats and how to minimise the risk of damage.

Keep up to date with Maintenance

Ongoing building maintenance is an essential part of block management to keep on top of any potential issues. If roofs, walls and the overall structure is sound, block of flats are more likely to withstand any severe weather changes.­ Ensure you book at least annual inspections of the water towers, chimneys and radio masts by specialist contractors.

Falling trees are often the cause of building damage during stormy weather. Any trees close to your block of flats require an annual inspection to ensure they do not pose a risk of falling and damaging your property.

How to prepare for adverse weather

• Be sure the check the anchoring of roof mounted equipment (such as HVAC units), portable buildings and any outdoor equipment.
• Clear any waste or debris from your garden and fasten down waste and recycling bins.­
• Keep any important records safe or relocate them. Details of your block of flats insurance coverage should be kept close, so you can quickly report any damage after the storm.

What to check after a storm

Do not re-enter the building, unless advised by an appropriate person it is safe to do so. Building structures and trees may have been damaged by the weather and may still pose a risk of danger after the storm has cleared. Look over your electricals and assess for any damage before restarting.

Contact your block of flats insurance brokers

Once you have confirmation that the building is secure, call your block of flats insurance brokers to report the incident. Follow their advice on how to start salvage operations and put in place temporary emergency repairs. It may be worth assessing the incidence and consider what could be improved if your block of flats is affected by bad weather again in the future.

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