How To Keep Your Block of Flats Safe This Christmas


Christmas is an exciting time to spread festive cheer with your friends and family. But whilst your tenants are gathered around the fire, you might not be aware of the potential risks that open flames and gas can have on your block of flats. This is something that neither you nor your tenants will want to deal with during the festive season!

According to the Gas Safety Register, most house fires caused by gas occur on Christmas Day. This is likely due to the stress of cooking dinner for multiple guests. Hobs and cookers may be left on unintentionally and often cause accidents. Plus, only 5% of adults think about arranging a gas safety check prior to Christmas. Organising presents and preparing food in the run up to Christmas can be overwhelming, so important tasks such as fire safety in your blocks of flats may be forgotten.

How can I ensure my block of flats is safe this Christmas?

Staying safe this Christmas may seem daunting, but do not fret. Our block of flats insurance ensures that your block is covered in the unfortunate event of a fire. Rebuild cost assessment covers the rebuild cost should your block of flats need re-construction from scratch.

Whilst rebuild cost assessment included in your block of flats insurance can provide peace of mind, we always recommend ensuring all appliances are safe before the run up to Christmas. Before the holidays, we advise you:

  • Use a registered Gas Safe Engineer to check appliances in your block of flats. Gas safe engineers are certified to provide you with helpful information.
  • Give tenants a friendly reminder to take extra care when using open fire or gas flames. Advise them to always check no lit candles, fires, hobs are left unattended.
  • Test your smoke and gas alarms. Want to be extra charitable? As a gesture of festive good will, why not offer to check the smoke alarms of an older relative or neighbour?

We wish all our customers a safe and happy Christmas, from all the team at Flats Direct!

For more information about fire regulations for flats and our blocks of flat insurance at Flats Direct, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply call 0800 731 6242 and a member of our expert team will be happy to assist you. If you suspect a gas leak in your block of flats, immediately call the Emergency Gas Helpline on 0800 111 999.