How To Hire Safe Maintenance Contractors

All blocks will need maintenance from time to time. Whether electricals need rewiring or the lift needs repairing, it is important to remember that the safety of residents is the responsibility of both the contractors and the residential property management company. Read on to learn about the legal responsibilities of the Right to Manage or Residents Property Management company and how to hire quality contractors.

Do Your Research

It is best practice to hire a contractor who will complete the work to a high standard, in a safe manner. Take time to thoroughly vet potential contractors. Ensure they have relevant experience and qualifications for the work you need. Typical questions to ask may include:

• Will you be using subcontractors?
• What is your recent health and safety performance?
• Can you provide risk assessments from previous jobs?
• Do you have Employers’ Liability Insurance?

Review websites such as which may also provide some information about a contractor’s reputation but be wary of fake reviews. If you are unsure, ask an experienced health and safety consultancy for further advice.­

Provide All Safety Information


As a Right To Manage or a Residential Property Management company, you have the responsibility to inform contractors of all safety information and risks. Potential risk and basic safety information should include:

• Any potential asbestos in the block
• Emergency procedures
• Any necessary on-site training


Inform All Residents


Let all residents know when work will be taking place ahead of time. This may help avoid potential noise complaints or reduce the risk of accidents. Check in regularly with your contractor to make sure they are complying to their risk assessment.­

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