How to get the best from your block of flats insurance broker

Renewing your block of flats insurance can seem like a lot of pressure. There are many factors to consider. Here, Flats Direct break down some key points that your insurance brokers may look at and how you can keep down the total cost of your block insurance.


What to consider:


Take some time to think about factors that may increase your block of flats insurance. Your building insurance broker may focus on:

• Flood risks – Is your property area prone to flooding? Investigate what flood defences are in place and what you could invest in for the future. Be sure to mention if your block of flats is on a hill, as this can also impact your building block insurance.­

• Risk Assessments – Do you have records of regular risk assessment? If so, keep these documents readily available to view when needed.

• Access – Consider how your property is controlled or restricted. Do you have CCTV, a concierge or access control system requiring a key to access the property?­


Factors that can affect your block of flats insurance


• Building construction -­ You may receive a more beneficial rate on your block buildings insurance if your building has concrete floors, stairs and roofing compared to timber constructions. Ensure your flat concrete roof has a guarantee for a more favourable rate. If your roof has no guarantee, keep a regular inspection report.­

• Age of the property – As a general rule, the older the block of flats, the higher the insurance will be. This is because internal features are more ornately decorated and harder to locate.

• Communal Facilities – Properties with communal features such as swimming pools, tennis courts and gyms may have a higher insurance rate. This is because these areas have a higher public liability risk.


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