Now that the days are longer and brighter, you may spot that your block of flats need a bit of love. A lick of paint in the stairways or upgrading out-dated fixtures can breathe new life into a property. But many RTM companies can be confused about how to tackle the redecorating process. Our block building insurance specialists break down how to get started:­

Creating a brief


Starting with a clear plan will save you grief later. Consider the highest priorities first.­ Do you want to replicate the previous style or modernise? Many right to manage companies look to upgrade their current interiors to be more contemporary and keep a competitive edge with other local blocks of flats. However, it is important to know that ‘modernising’ may be considered ‘improvements’ which might not be covered by service charges.

Bear in mind that any changes will impact others living in the block. Take some time to receive feedback from other flat owners in the building. This way, you can decide upon any decorating decisions together and minimise the risk of issues later.

This is also a good time to think about any other on-going projects. Could any re-wiring or lighting projects be completed at the same time? This will save you time and trying to complete each project separately.­

Decide on the priorities


So, what’s first on the list? Well, what one person finds offensive may be tolerable by others, so it is worth discussing decorating priorities with all flats owners and members of your right to manage company. Common areas may be:

• Floors – This may depend on volume, noise & safety
• Repainting – What would be suitable for everyone? Does the staircase and joinery need to be repainted at the same time?
• Light Fixtures – Consider safety, likelihood of damage and energy-efficiency

Settle on a final decision


Coming to a common agreement with all residents can be tricky. To help visualise the outcome, try creating mood boards to describe the look you wish to emulate. If possible, you can test a trial area. Resident feedback may be more valuable if they can see the potential in an in-situ area.

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