Do I Need Safety Signs for Our Block of Flats?

Landlords or residential property management companies have a legal responsibility to install safety signs if they hire employees, such as cleaners or gardeners. Due to health and safety legislation, employers have a duty of care to ensure employees’ workplace is safe and hazards are clearly signposted. If you’re new to the industry or don’t have any previous experience of implementing safety signs, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Unsure which signage is needed for your block of flats and who is responsible for putting them up? Read on to find out:­

Why do I need safety signs?


It is a legal requirement for any Residents’ Management Company with staff to install safety signs. This ensures your employees’ and the general public’s health, safety and welfare at work. These safety signs can show correct procedures and alert staff, residents and the general public to any hazards.­

Which safety signs do I need?


Depending on your property, you may need a variety of signs. Signs are colour coded to make them easier to understand and we’ve listed some of the key ones below:­

• Green signs

These can indicate where fire exits are located and escape routes. It can also tell people the location of safety equipment such as first aid equipment.

• Red signs

Red is the identifying colour for firefighting equipment. These signs indicate the location of fire extinguishers, fire alarm activation points and other equipment.

• Red signs (with circles)

One of the most easily understood signs is a red circle with a diagonal line through it. These signs clearly indicate the actions are prohibited and detrimental to safety, and you cannot do whatever is shown on the sign.­ A good example would be a no smoking sign.

• Blue signs (with circles)

Blue signs with circles require action or activities. They are mandatory and you need to do whatever is written on them. For example, within a block of flats, you are required to have fire action signs which detail what a person must do if they discover a fire.­

• Yellow signs (with a triangle)­

These are warning signs. They provide warning of any potential risks. They are used to raise awareness of something dangerous.­

One of the great things about health and safety signs is that they are multi-lingual and can be understood by all. They should be evenly spaced, consistent and not obstructed. We suggest undertaking a risk assessment to ensure your property is safe for any works and the general public.

Who is responsible for safety signs in the block?


Either the landlord or residential property management company is responsible for its staff and anybody visiting the property, so adequate signage must be in place. Without proper health and safety, accidents may happen, and this could result in claims being made. It’s important to have suitable insurance in place to keep you covered. If you are unsure, speak to our block of flats insurance advisors for further advice.­

Where can I buy safety signs for my block?


Safety signs can be easily sourced from office supply shops and hardware shops, both online and in stores.

To learn more about block management and to get advice on meeting health and safety requirements, get in touch with Flats Direct by calling 0800 7316242 or using our online form for a block of flats insurance online quote