Building Maintenance: A Checklist

Directors or officers in property management roles are responsible for the building’s maintenance. However, as many of these are volunteers, having the time and knowledge to efficiently do this can be challenging. Here is a handy maintenance checklist from block insurance broker Flats Direct.

Start with the exterior

Start your check of the property with an inspection of the guttering, chimney stacks and roof tiles. Whilst these areas require a professional to check their condition, it is the director of the block’s responsibility to hire this person to do so.

Checking fire escapes

It’s important to regularly check fire alarms for dead batteries and fire escapes for any obstructions or jammed doors. Whilst this can help prevent fires, it’s still important to invest in block of flats insurance for the residential property.

Radiator leaks

It’s important to check all radiators for any leaks. If not checked properly, this could cause large water damage to a room and cost thousands if the proper block of flats insurance is not in place.

Safety of equipment

With lots of electrical equipment coming as standard within a residential property, it’s important that its safety is checked regularly. This is vital to prevent injuries which the person in the property management role may be blamed for. It’s here directors and officers liability insurance is important.

Gas inspections

Gas inspections are the most important maintenance check. Whilst requiring the expertise of a professional, this check is vital in preventing fires and ensuring resident’s homes have sufficient heating.

The importance of locks

Checking the locks on the building’s doors is a simple check that anyone can administer. Ensuring these are secure and safe is integral even when the residential property has a good block insurance policy.

Carpets and floors

Although not a vital check, ensuring carpets and floors aren’t stained is still the responsibility of the director or officer.

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