Essentials of Block Maintenance

Is there damp in the hallways? Is the floor safe? Are the drains clearing? Block maintenance can feel like a necessary evil. Read on to learn the most important aspects of block maintenance and why it’s important to keep up to date.­


Why keep up with block maintenance?

On-going block maintenance is necessary for a safe and functioning living environment for residents. Some of the more important reasons to keep up to date with block maintenance include:

• Meeting legal requirements
• Statutory compliance
• Safety and well being of both residents and visitors
• Lowering block of flats insurance costs
• Increasing resale value


Plan your block maintenance

Have a clear plan set in place to keep up to date with all block maintenance tasks. This might include scheduling which tasks should be completed every day and which tasks to plan in the next year. This may include repairs, repainting or lift inspections.­


Regular Health & Safety Reports

Keep a set record of all health and safety documentation. Both surveyors and those responsible for everyday maintenance should have access to these records. Your health and safety documents can help you prioritise you block maintenance essentials. A regular health and safety report can determine any tasks which are necessary to complete to comply with safety requirements and legislation requirements.­


Everyday Maintenance

It can be easy to forget or ignore small or menial everyday tasks. But basic maintenance must be upheld to ensure you meet your maintenance plan. Consider what routine tasks are required and designate a responsible person to carry them out. This could be an external company or a member of your Right To Manage company.­ Routine checks may include interior checks, such as replacing broken light bulbs in shared spaces, or exterior checks such as clearing gutters.­

To learn more about how block maintenance can lower your block of flats insurance, contact our block of flats insurance specialists on 0800 7316242 or fill in our free block of flats insurance online quote now.­