5 Tips for Preventing Burglary

If you deal in block management for flats, then you may understand the fears around burglary, as it can be traumatic and threatening. Read further for our top tips for preventing burglary.

Make sure burglar alarms are regularly checked

First and foremost – burglar alarms. If burglars in the neighbourhood are aware that your flats are unprotected in this way, they will be more tempted to break in. If the alarms are regularly checked and updated when faulty, any thieves are far more likely to be caught, or startled by the alarm and flee from the flat prior to any theft.

Keep locking systems up-to-date

Make sure your flats’ windows and doors are secured with up-to-date locking systems to better prevent thieves from breaking in. Also, you may be less likely to secure block of flats insurance from a building insurance broker with faulty or old locking systems.

Remind tenants to lock doors and windows

Up-to-date locks are no good if they are not in use, remind your tenants to lock their doors and windows every time they leave the flat, as this will further prevent attacks from thieves.

Remind tenants to report any security problems as soon as possible

It’s very likely that a tenant in one of your flats will notice a security problem before you do, so remind your tenants to always report security issues as soon as possible. This way they can be rectified quickly, leaving minimal time for burglars and thieves to strike.

Get block insurance

In order to limit the consequences of an unfortunate burglary, we highly encourage those involved in block management to make sure that they have block of flats insurance. Flats direct makes insuring your block of flats as straightforward and inexpensive as possible. Get a quote from our website, or contact us on 01202 862 660.