5 Low Cost and Effective Common Area Improvements

Whether it’s the corridors, the lobby or the stairwell, these communal areas in a block of flats are most likely to become run down the quickest. To solve this here are 5 low-cost ways of improving a building’s common areas from our expert block insurance brokers at Flats Direct:

1. Re-paint parking lines

If your residential block has a car park, ensuring the parking space lines are clear can drastically improve the ease of parking. The event of an accident in the car park will not be covered by block of flats insurance, therefore this parking improvement will be very welcome.

2. A place to sit

Residents look to those in property management roles as responsible for a building’s upkeep. Another improvement that can be made is the addition of chairs or a bench to the hallways or entrances. Whilst providing a place for elderly residents to sit, this also allows people to socialise together.

3. Tidying the storerooms

Tidying the storeroom is a free and simple improvement anyone can make. Whilst this makes the room look tidier, it also prevents people from tripping over items and blaming the person in the property management role. This is a big issue especially if he or she does not have directors and officers liability insurance.

4. Cleaning stairwells

A residential block’s stairwell is the most frequently used common area. As a result, it’s likely to be dirty and in need of improvement. Ensuring floors are clean and not slippery is good for all residents, whilst repairing the bannisters is important for more elderly occupants.

5. Make residents feel welcome

For residential blocks with lobby areas, investing in welcome mats is a great way to make the room look inviting whilst giving residents somewhere to wipe their feet. Even though ensuring you have block insurance is vital, it’s these minor touches that mean a lot to a block’s occupants.

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