5 Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Your Block

LEDs are the most efficient type of lighting. With incandescent bulbs now rarely used, learning why you should use LED lights is important for those in block management roles. Here are building insurance broker Flats Direct’s # benefits of using LED lighting in your block.

1. LEDs last longer

LEDs have an incredibly long life span. This means those in charge of block management don’t need to change them as often as standard bulbs. This also ensures elderly residents aren’t worried about a bulb dying during the evening, where injury could occur and block of flats insurance is used.

2. Reduced energy bills

LED lights are 20 times more efficient than standard bulbs. Whilst using a fraction of the energy, they produce the same amount of light in a room. This is ideal for residents looking to save as much money as possible in their bills.

3. Increased durability

LED light fixtures are the most durable of all bulbs. This makes them ideal for those in residential property management roles who don’t have the time to constantly replace bulbs.

4. Reduce your block’s carbon footprint

LED lights have at least 4 times less environmental impact than standard incandescent bulbs. This is especially important for large accommodation blocks housing hundreds of people. Just like directors and liability insurance, investing in LEDs is an investment for the future.

5. Less need for air conditioning

If your block of flats has air conditioning in each room, LEDs are a great way to reduce its use. Standard bulbs generate a lot more heat than LEDs and often make people use air conditioning more. This reduces residents’ bills and their effect on the environment.

With all of these benefits proven in a test by the Energy Saving Trust in 2011, there is no doubt that LEDs are ideal for block accommodation. For more information on block insurance policy, insurance for flats or residential property management, contact building insurance broker Flats Direct today on 01202 862 660 or fill out our quote form.