3 Top tips for Clean Communal Areas

A lack of clean shared spaces will lead to unsatisfied tenants. A clean block of flats helps keep your residents happy and comfortable. By maintaining high cleaning standards, you can also keep your block of flats building in good condition and potentially increase the resale value.

But good housekeeping in communal areas not only helps keep the property looking good, but it also protects the residents. According to the HSE, 50% of trip hazards occur in block of flats due to poor housekeeping. Read on to learn our top tips for keeping your shared communal spaces safe and clean.

1. Regular Inspection

Everyday maintenance is an essential part of block management to keep your building in a clean condition. Regular on-site inspections help you stay up to date with how the property is looking and highlight any issues that need to be addressed. Keep a regular checklist of which areas should be inspected including:

• Windows and window frames
• Stairs, landings and hallways
• Drainage outlets
• Lightbulbs, fitting and fixtures
• Garden areas

2. Hire a cleaning company

A professional cleaning company can be a valuable investment. A cleaning company will ensure shared interior spaces are hoovered, dusted and will clean any shared handrails or door knobs. Communicate clearly with the company and create a written plan, stating which areas they are responsible for. This will help any block insurance investigations should an accident occur.

3.Tenants responsibilities

Make it clear to tenants they have a responsibility to keep any shared parts of a block safe and clear. No personal items should be left or stored without warning to the property management. Tenants should also be aware they are responsible for any spills to communal parts of the building. This includes areas such as corridors, stairs, lifts or landings. These points should be included in every tenancy agreement for future reference.

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