3 Checks to do After a Tenant Moves Out

3 Checks to do After a Tenant Moves Out

In a block of flats, new tenants come and go, and when they do there are a few checks that those involved in block management should carry out before the next tenant’s arrival. Block of flats insurance experts, Flats Direct have compiled this guide to help you with some of the key things to check after a tenant leaves.

Window safety and security

There are some cases in which tenancy holders intentionally tamper with windows and others where windows become damaged or unsafe purely accidentally or simply through wear and tear. Either way, it’s always a good idea to check windows are functional and safe as they can become a substantial safety risk if faulty.

Gas and Electric Inspections

You may be required to carry out electrical inspections to check that appliances are functional and safe, both when a tenant moves in and throughout the duration of the tenancy, with a periodic inspection every 5 years as well. Gas safety checks should be carried out annually to ensure that all gas appliances are safe to use. It may be worth checking these at the end of a tenancy too. Not having these inspections carried out at the right time may result in more difficulty obtaining block buildings insurance

Drain Blockages

When a tenant moves out, we recommend for you to check that there are no drain blockages in the flat’s pipes. If left untouched these blockages will likely be discovered by new tenants and then become a bigger problem that you are responsible for rectifying.

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