What Insurance Do Right To Manage Companies Need?

Accidents can occur at any time. But if you expected the unexcepted, you will never be caught out. Ensuring you have the correct block of flats insurance is the safest way to make sure you are covered when disaster strikes. Read on to learn which types of insurance your RTM company needs to be safe and not sorry.


Directors and Officer insurance

Are you aware that RMC directors may be personally liable for charges?­ Directors and Officers liability insurance provides legal protection if a resident or third party sue the management company for any errors or omissions. Directors and Officers insurance can include cover for civil liberty changes including:

• Breach of warranty
• Neglect
• Error / omission
• Misleading statement / misstatement


Lift Engineering Insurance & Inspection

If your apartment building has a lift, it may be beneficial to invest in engineering insurance. Many block of flats insurance policies include fire, accidental or malicious damage to a lift but not in the event of a breakdown. If your block of flats insurance brokers do not offer breakdown cover, specialist engineering insurance may help RMC to comply with legal requirements, such as regular lift inspection by a specialist.­



Terrorism may seem unnecessary, particularly if your block is situated in a quiet or rural area.­ However, there were five major terrorist attacks in the UK last year. Also, due to the nature of counter-terrorism, successfully prevented terrorist attacks are not always widely reported.­ RMC directors could potentially face criticism in the event of a terrorist attack if they'd declined terrorism cover. This is not included in a basic block of flats policy but is available as a valuable"insurance extra"


Seek expert advice

If you are unsure about which kind of cover your Right to Manage company needs, talk to a specialist block of flats insurance company. Flats Direct can save money for RTM companies with our direct insurance services.

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