Top 3 Challenges For Block Management

Being a member of a residential property management company is a great way to take control and improve your property’s communal areas. You have the power to manage the areas of your property that residents, visitors and contractors first see when they arrive. But with this power comes responsibility. Read the top three difficulties you may face as a residential property manager and how to resolve them.

Property Maintenance


It is the block management’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the block for both residents and contract workers.­ This includes:

• Safety and maintenance checks for heating and water systems
• Resolving any damp & mould issues
• Conducting emergency repairs when required

Regular inspections, scheduled maintenance and efficient repairs are the best way to keep on top of your maintenance duties.­

Risky Tenants


We hope you have the good fortune to have positive, long-lasting relationships with your tenants. But tenants can also cause an array of issues. For example:

• Loud or inconsiderate tenants may cause complaint from other residents
• Tenants may leave the property in a bad state, either damaged or neglected.

To find the best tenants for your property, consider developing and enforcing rental agreements. You may also wish to hold interviews to judge if they are a good fit for your block of flats. If any complaints occur, be sure to resolve them quickly and effectively to prevent any on-going issues.­

Finding the Right Insurance


Block of flat insurance can be confusing. As a residential property management company, it can be difficult to decipher the level of cover you need. If you would like advice, speak to our block of flats insurance advisors. At Flats Direct, we can provide a comprehensive cover policy for you. We also recommend Directors & Officers Liability Insurance for management companies and residents association managers. This provides you with protection against claims for financial losses by residents or third parties from managerial errors or omissions.­


If you would like more information, call Flats Direct on 0800 7316242 or fill in our quick block of flats insurance online quote