Improving Energy Efficiency in Your Block of Flats

If you are a property owner or managing a block of flats, making some home improvements to improve energy efficiency can reduce bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Energy improvements can be made with changes as minor as swapping out your light bulbs, or you can make more significant improvements for more effective savings. In the event of any issues whilst managing a block of flats and optimising energy efficiency, apartment block insurance will give you the confidence you need to know you are covered. Learn the smart solutions to improving the energy efficiency in your flat. For block of flat insurance policies, contact Alan & Thomas Insurance today.

Managing a block of flats with smart metres

If you are unsure of how to manage a block of flats to improve energy efficiency, smart metres are an ideal first place to start. Whilst smart metres will not necessarily improve energy efficiency in your block of flats, they are the key to monitoring your consumption. With smart metres, you can track your energy usage and cost so you can make practical solutions to reduce both. Improving your awareness of energy consumption and making a habit of tracking your usage will encourage you to invest in more efficient appliances. Use a smart metre to identify what appliances are using high amounts of energy so you can formalise a realistic strategy to improve the energy efficiency in your block of flats.

Optimise energy efficiency with lighting

Changing your light bulbs is a cost-effective way of saving money and reducing energy consumption in the long run. Reduce bills by replacing all light bulbs with LEDs, which use 90% less energy than traditional bulbs. LED bulbs offer high quality lighting with a long-life span so you can also reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Automatic lighting is also a great solution to improving energy consumption, specifically in any communal areas in your block of flats. Install movement sensors and timers so you know the lights will switch off automatically when a room or area is not being used. Keep your flats protected from potential risks or unforeseen hazards with Flats Direct comprehensive cover. With a range of specialist block of flats insurance available, you can tailor your policy to suit you.

Trap in heat with insulation

There are a number of effective ways to manage heating in your block of flats, starting with insulating your building so you can reduce heat loss and lower heating bills for a fixed energy improvement. Loft or attic insulation is one of the easier solutions in terms of installation, and it can make the most difference. Loft insulation can help to prevent heat loss so less money is spent on the energy needed to keep a flat warm. Solid and cavity walls can also be insulated to reduce heat loss by up to 75%. Whilst solid walls have no gaps between them, cavity walls are made of two layers with a gap in between that can be filled to improve efficiency. You can get cavity walls inspected to determine whether they are suitable to be filled.

Improving heating systems

Heating systems are vital for maintaining a comfortable home, which means that heating bills are ultimately inevitable. Having an efficient heating system can reduce the amount you spend on heating bills. Boilers can be replaced with newer models to enhance the efficiency of a central heating system. You can also fit in smart controls that targets which room or appliance you want heated. Energy conservation is an effective way to ensure that bills across your flats remain low. Learn about engineering breakdown cover and risk management as part of our apartment block insurance, so crucial machinery and electronic equipment are covered in the event of being damaged or faulty.

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