4 Ways to Prepare your Flats for the Summer Heat

As a block insurance company, we know that in block management, you have to be prepared for a number of things, one of which being summer heat. Around this time of year, heatwaves can occur and if you don’t know what to do, living in your block of flats could become an unenjoyable experience to say the least.

Turn off electrical appliances

Turning off electrical appliances when they are not in use is always a good idea as it can save money and energy, but it’s even more important whenever possible in the summer. This is because electrical appliances such as computers and ovens can emit a surprising amount of heat, making your time spent inside harder to bear.

Avoid steam

Try to avoid taking long, hot showers during the day, as well as relying too much on the washing machine and dishwasher. The reason for these measures is because these appliances produce steam which causes humidity. If humidity levels in your block of flats are too high, mould will thrive. Humidity damage could even add difficulty to the process of obtaining good block of flats insurance.

Turn off heating and open windows

Although this may seem obvious, it’s always worth checking that you and your neighbours have switched off any heating devices they do not need, as this could lower the heat of the building. In addition, opening windows will allow greater airflow into the flats, therefore it may be worth reminding the owners of flats in your block to do this as well.

Paint your block of flats

Although it may seem drastic, if your block of flats has a history of significantly overheating in the summer, this may be an option worth considering. Painting the building white will increase the amount of heat that is reflected and therefore not absorbed into the flats.­

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